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I just wanted to take this opportunity and express my concerns regarding the R98 Web Spoke wheels.

Back in April of this year, I took delivery of my Dark Silver Mini Cooper S Automatic. I opted for all the available packages (premium, sport, cold weather, and convenience), the rear fog light and the upgrade to the premium web spoke wheels. I have since added other items like the AUX input, the MyMini chrome door buttons and a bandpass sub box with two 10” woofers for that extra bass.

I have been extreme happy thus far with all my options and additions... except for the web spoke wheels

The Problem:
Sometime in the middle of June I noticed a consistent clicking upon each revolution of the wheel. I initially noticed it coming from the front left wheel but after I had others people lend me their ears, I was told that it seemed to be coming from the other wheels as well.

So I initially ran my hand over the treads thinking it was a rock wedged in the tread but nothing was to be found. So after a while of scratching my head over this I decided to visit my dealer and ask to see if they could give me a quick diagnosis, after all it could have been something serious with the brakes or transmission.

So in July I had them replaced and, sure enough the new set also started clicking after about a week of use! At that point, my SA called the MiniUSA representative to visit the dealer and see what he can do to remedy the situation. What they decided to do is send my original clicking wheels to MiniUSA engineers to figure out what is causing them to click.

The Cause:
My diagnosis, which is the only one at the moment, is that since the web spoke wheels are a two piece system, the two parts seems to be moving or making and breaking contact with each other at the mating surfaces.

A few conditions have to be met to cause the very noticeable clicking. 1. It has to be hot outside. 2. It has to be humid outside. 3. the wheels have to be broken in and rotating.

If the first two conditions are not met then the clicking will not occur consistently. In fact, now that autumn is in full swing, the clicking has died down considerable. Now the only way for the clicking to be noticed is to have the car sit over night, preferable in a garage. The next day, turn the car on, put the windows down and let the car creep forward. The clicking will start and then stop after a full revolution. I am no MiniUSA engineer so I can’t tell you exactly why this happens but I can tell you when it is most likely to happen.

The Solution:
Well that’s what I am waiting for. It has been since mid June that I first noticed there was a problem and I still have these clicking wheels. I and strongly suggesting to others not to get these wheels. In fact I will gladly go with a different style wheel just to get the clicking to stop! Hopefully a solution will come very soon.

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