Better Milage than a MINI? Surprised?

I don't think so. Seriously, there's a bunch of things that are misleading with this commercial. First off, they are comparing the hybrid model Escalade to a non hybrid MINI. If a hybrid model MINI existed it would certainly blow them out of the water.

Then they are comparing it to a MCSa convertible, which of all the models has the worst gas milage rating. MINI often advertises their best rating which is 37hwy/28city, almost double what they are advertising. I understand they are trying to make a point by juxtaposing their hybrid with the MINI and not necessarily saying by this Escalade instead. I couldn't imagine someone being in the market for these two polar opposites.

What's really funny is that GM/Cadallac then proceeds to tell you the price of the non hybrid model instead of what they just showed in the same commercial. I have seen this done in numerous advertisements from GM where they show you one model and tell you the price of something different. I wish they would be proud enough to just say the price of what they are showing instead of pulling a bait and switch. This all seems to be a desperate plea from a company that still has not done enough to adjust to the changing market. They need to get their act together pronto!


The New dcMINI

As the new year approaches, I thought I would play a bit with old blog and bring it up to date. I went ahead and sifted through the old blog links and got rid of the dead ones and found a blog template that I liked. Let me know what you think.

Just to get you familiar with what I have done, to the left is a list of MINI related sites that I stay up to date on. The cool thing is that the order of the list is based on which one has the most recent post. The same thing goes for the MINI Blog list to the right. If you want to be added to the blog list just let me know. On the left I also added a slideshow of recent picts from my online photos.

Happy New Year!