The New dcMINI

As the new year approaches, I thought I would play a bit with old blog and bring it up to date. I went ahead and sifted through the old blog links and got rid of the dead ones and found a blog template that I liked. Let me know what you think.

Just to get you familiar with what I have done, to the left is a list of MINI related sites that I stay up to date on. The cool thing is that the order of the list is based on which one has the most recent post. The same thing goes for the MINI Blog list to the right. If you want to be added to the blog list just let me know. On the left I also added a slideshow of recent picts from my online photos.

Happy New Year!


RB said...

Very Kool! Love the look. How did the fluids leak turn out?

Hey as far as the blog links go I would rather you used this link...


It takes people to my blog, the link you have takes them to my store.

DanC said...

Thanks RB. I got the fluid leak fixed under warranty. It was the gasket at the coolant thermostat that was starting to fail.

I also fixed the link. Turns out I had the wrong one in my reader all this time. Thanks for that too.

RB said...

Dan, I hope you and yours have a great 2009, let's hope it's a better year than 2008 was.