Starved Rock CMMC 2006 Fall Run

A whole lotta driving and not a lotta pictures. Great "Indian summer" type weather for this CMMC event with about 50 MINIs zipping along a 100 miles of highway and side twisties. What a great route! - scenic and exciting to drive even at the speed limit - well done. Except for a couple of minor hiccups, the event was very well organized and executed . And it was great to see some of the regulars attend this event as well as a few I haven't seen before.

Read more about this event here with even more picts from other CMMC members.


New WMS Intake Soon? [UPDATED]

Not much is known about the highly anticipated and very secretive new project coming out from the team at Webb MotorSports but it sure is exciting. Here's a quote about the new "SportBox" from Randy Webb himself.

The SportBox with the RAF has given more than any other intake to date in prototype form. I will be sure to post all of the numbers when it is released. The cost will be $250 at the start, but there are modular additions - like the RAF component, and I haven't figured costs on that just yet.

Read more about the new SportBox here. Otherwise the debut will be unvailed very soon probably at the WMS Store or NAM.

[UPDATE] Product just officially announced at WMS Forum



Well, it finally happened. With a little patience, planning and coordination, I managed to pull it off. I set my trip meter to read 10 miles when my odometer turned over to 10000 while going 10 mph on the 10th day of the 10th month at 10 pm.... well actually 10:01pm but it was really close.

In addition to that, I was listening to a CD I bought for $9.99 when my trip meter was showing 9.9 miles and the odometer read 9999 miles.... Yeah, I'm a dork but I had a blast getting here. It took me 18 months to get to 10k. Here's to the first 10k (s)miles and to the many more to come...