Holy Crap! The Dragon is Awesome!

Absolutely the best road I have ever driven. Hands down. This winding road demands full concentration and the utmost respect. I highly recommend it if you can make it there. I will most likely be attending next years MINIs on the Dragon if at all possible. It's that good. Here are a couple of picts of the pre Dragon part of highway 129. We just couldn't take any pictures during the really curvy parts because we needed to hold on. I did add the pictures from Killboy.com, which I will be ordering full res shots soon. Enjoy!....... and btw, you should go to the dragon..... now! :-D


MINI Road Trip 2007 (part 2)

First off, I just realized that this is post #101. Posting has been extremely fun for me and hope to continue for some time to come. Thanks to everyone for visiting.

Road Trip 2007:
Continuing on from Part 1 of the road trip, we made stops at a few more locations. The first part we stoped at Springdield IL, St. Louis and then Memphis. This half we visited Nashville, the Smokey Mountains, and Cininnati. Check out the pictures below. And with the stop to the Smokies, a visit to the Dragon was inevitable. ;-)


MINI Road Trip 2007 (part 1)

Road trip USA... in a MINI. So far it's been just great. We have traveled through Springfield IL, St. Louis MO, Memphis TN and Nashville TN. With temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees, we have been staying cool. There's still a lot more traveling to be done. With no exact route planned, we have ultimate flexibly. Next stop, The Smokey Mountains. Check out the pictures to far below.