Jeez, What's with Those Guys?!

It seems like when ever any news come to light about the MCSa, there's a slew of haters that surface. Calm down! Its just a transmission, nothing more. Its not going to replace all transmissions. It is just merely giving an opportunity to other drivers to experience what the MCS has to offer. The MCS has so much more to offer than just the type of transmissions. The autos are not here to compete with the manual but to co-exist with advantages and disadvantages on both sides.

So, all you manual drivers who are quick to criticize others' choice in transmissions, please consider that MINI is about having choices. To experience its world class handling and fun factor surpasses the limitations of the automatic transmission. It certainly does not mean we are any less of an "enthusiast"

Yes, there are limitations with the automatic compared with the manual, but there are also added benefits. All it comes down to is prioritizing these characteristics and making a choice that best suits you. A MINI is still a MINI. Enjoy and be nice. :)

Happy Motoring!


No Snow Tires

So far so good. I have survived without snow tires for the time being and I do not plan on getting a set anytime soon. Since my MCSa is only a leisure vehicle, I have the luxury of keeping her in the garage while it snows. I only take her out when it is completely dry or warm enough that it will not snow. That way she stays clean and out of trouble. Plus runflats are way too expensive. Ouch!

I have only taken her out once in the snow, but it was confined to the parking lot just outside my garage.
I do not recommend you keep the sport tires on all the time in wintery climates if its your daily driver. They will lose traction very quickly in the snow compared to the all seasons.


Kentucky in Chicago

Some of my girlfriend's buddies came from Kentucky check out what Chicago has to offer. So we headed downtown to check out the attractions.

We first went to see the window displays over at Marshal Fields. This was the last day the windows were going to be up and it was the last time the store will be called Marshal Fields. It will soon change its name to Macy's to many Chicagoans' discontent.

After that we headed over to Millenium Park, and checked out the Gerhy Bandshell and the "Bean" sculpture. Its always a good time seeing a distorted view of your surroundings and yourself. The best view of the city is right on the "Bean" as the face of Michigan Avenue can be seen, both ends at the same time.

Lunch time brought us to Giordono's for some chicago style pizza which was delicious. I will never pass up an opportunity for pizza.

After lunch, we then headed to the tourist trap known as Navy Pier. Its still cool to go for some quality "people watching" while sitting on a bench, and the indoor gardens were a welcome diversion to the relatively cold wind off the lake. Here's some more pictures of our excursion. Enjoy.


Apple's At It Again

More new stuff is coming! Including a new accessory for the iPod. a remote control with FM Tuner. Well see what else they come up with very soon.

The apple store online is currently updating their site.



But I Don't Feel Older

I received my MINI2 reminder email saying I am one year older! Despite my age increasing, it seems not to affect me as much. Could the my MINI be a fountain of youth?... Nah... I think its more to do with my 19 year old girlfriend. ;-)


Thanks for Linkin' Me Up

Just like to say thanks for all the other blogs that have linked me up from their sites. Much appreciated. Be sure to check out the other blogs I have listed to the right as well.

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My Web Spoke Issue Ends

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I almost forgot to mention that everything regarding reimbursement for the web spoke wheel exchange has been completed. I would like to thank the good folks over at Patrick MINI for understanding my frustration and allowing me to exchange the wheels for a different style. I am very pleased with my new R99 double spoke wheels.

I have not heard anything new regarding a fix for the clicking or a wide spread solution for current web spoke owners.

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