Jeez, What's with Those Guys?!

It seems like when ever any news come to light about the MCSa, there's a slew of haters that surface. Calm down! Its just a transmission, nothing more. Its not going to replace all transmissions. It is just merely giving an opportunity to other drivers to experience what the MCS has to offer. The MCS has so much more to offer than just the type of transmissions. The autos are not here to compete with the manual but to co-exist with advantages and disadvantages on both sides.

So, all you manual drivers who are quick to criticize others' choice in transmissions, please consider that MINI is about having choices. To experience its world class handling and fun factor surpasses the limitations of the automatic transmission. It certainly does not mean we are any less of an "enthusiast"

Yes, there are limitations with the automatic compared with the manual, but there are also added benefits. All it comes down to is prioritizing these characteristics and making a choice that best suits you. A MINI is still a MINI. Enjoy and be nice. :)

Happy Motoring!


Anonymous said...

DAN: I drove an MCSA for a day last week and even though I am certainly a committed 'manual' driver I had some fun! I 'went over the handle bars' a few times when I 'thumbed' it from 4th into 3rd instead of 5th ! but I soon got the hang of it. Never did quite work out why there are two paddles on the wheel (left and right-handed drivers?) but found the wheel-mounted shifters to be a great feature.

DanC said...

Glad to hear you had fun. I love using the paddles. Personally, I keep her in 'D' then push the paddle for some extra passing power. It really comes alive in 'M'. Then when I'm done having a little fun, it automatically goes back in 'D'.

I hear across the pond, even the CVT's have paddles.