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Thought this was interesting. I tried to follow the flowchart and landed no where near the MINI. Flowchart via Jalopnik

Also, I know it has been a long while since my last post but here I am again.  Enjoy!


Another Cnet Video Review

This time of the new coupe roadster. Love the new "Cat Door". Gotta love that Brian Cooley.
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MINI Connected

Here's a good walkthrough of MINI Connected with typical Brian Cooley commentary. Enjoy.

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Fiat Vs. MINI

I dare you to count the number of times MINI is mentioned in this Fiat review. I must say, the Fiat does have a lot going for it. Take a look at the Cnet review of the Fiat 500C.

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MINI Countryman Dies while they Check the Tech

I'm a big fan of Cnet's car reviews, mainly for its honesty. But what do you do when the car you are reviewing dies during your video review. Well, again, I like their reviews for their honesty. Take a look.

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Countryman Rear Bench Option

For those of you wondering what the rear bench option on the Countryman looks like, a video posted on Motoringfile had a quick glimpse. This is the first good look I have seen but there might have been others somewhere that I had not noticed. I think I would opt for the bench instead of the rail but that's just me. As far as I know, the rear bench is not available yet but will be soon.

Here is the video, bench shown at about the 5:15 mark.


The Smart still not so smart

Here is a video review from Cnet for the 2011 Smart ForTwo. What was interesting was the inclusion of an automated manual transmission. What was expected was that it is still is quite bad. Perhaps that is why MINI has not gone the route of including an automated tranny.