Kentucky in Chicago

Some of my girlfriend's buddies came from Kentucky check out what Chicago has to offer. So we headed downtown to check out the attractions.

We first went to see the window displays over at Marshal Fields. This was the last day the windows were going to be up and it was the last time the store will be called Marshal Fields. It will soon change its name to Macy's to many Chicagoans' discontent.

After that we headed over to Millenium Park, and checked out the Gerhy Bandshell and the "Bean" sculpture. Its always a good time seeing a distorted view of your surroundings and yourself. The best view of the city is right on the "Bean" as the face of Michigan Avenue can be seen, both ends at the same time.

Lunch time brought us to Giordono's for some chicago style pizza which was delicious. I will never pass up an opportunity for pizza.

After lunch, we then headed to the tourist trap known as Navy Pier. Its still cool to go for some quality "people watching" while sitting on a bench, and the indoor gardens were a welcome diversion to the relatively cold wind off the lake. Here's some more pictures of our excursion. Enjoy.


jwardell said...

I didn't realize Mashall Fields was going away. That is horrible to lose such a landmark in Chicago. The same is happening here in Boston, Macys is taking over the original Filenes.

So your tour didn't include Billygoats? :(

DanC said...

We walked by two Billygoats, the original and the one at Navy Pier. Next time I'll be sure to make that stop. ;)

Yup, Marshall Fields will soon be gone, but just by name. Macy's does not realize that there is a lot in a name, especially Fields, because of its history with Chicago. Another Chicago institution that is no longer is the Bergoff restaurant.

jwardell said...

Oh no not Berghoff too!! That explains why I couldn't find it this summer. Did they close the one in o'hare too?

DanC said...

As I understand it, the Bergoff family siblings are not intrested in maintaining the family business. However, I believe there will still be a catering aspect of Bergoff still functioning.