Starved Rock CMMC 2006 Fall Run

A whole lotta driving and not a lotta pictures. Great "Indian summer" type weather for this CMMC event with about 50 MINIs zipping along a 100 miles of highway and side twisties. What a great route! - scenic and exciting to drive even at the speed limit - well done. Except for a couple of minor hiccups, the event was very well organized and executed . And it was great to see some of the regulars attend this event as well as a few I haven't seen before.

Read more about this event here with even more picts from other CMMC members.


Anonymous said...

I had a great time also. Even after 4+ years I still get a kick out of seeing a bunch of MINIs together!!

DanC said...

Same here. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've only been to Starved Rock once. All I remember were swarms of skeeters!

(It must've been nice to go there during cooler temps.)

DanC said...

Not a single skeeter in sight. And hardly a bug splat on the MINI. :-) The cooler temps were certainly welcomed.