On the Bright Side...

Since the week that my grampa was here flew by so fast, it has all of a sudden put me that much closer to when my girlfriend comes back from school to visit. She's visiting just for the weekend though but I'll take what I can get. I am very excited since I haven't seen her since labor day weekend. Hopefully she will stop by late Thursday night when she makes the 7 hour drive up to Chicago.

Please excuse the pict, it was not taken with my very cool camera and the original was kinda darkand blurry. Must be user error, imo. Oh and her face is not that red all the time, just when she's having fun with out me... Seems she's in the middle of a bad case of the giggles. ;-)

And stay away you college boys, this hottie's spoken for.



Anonymous said...

So does anyone actually read this besides me?

DanC said...

i've linked the blog to all my other posts from different forums so its bound to have some traffic