WWR Rants!

Woofcast #64 could go down as having the most rants in a single episode. From Wisconsin dialects to portable toilet company names, they sure touched on just about everything. I love to hear those off-topic thoughts, very funny stuff.... And I could have sworn I saw a JCW logo on Gabe's WMS pulley! Just kidding!

There even was some ranting over the MCSa, too. I know how much of a pain the MCSa pulley install is for Randy, now that I've seen it done, but at least he has an extra $85 in his pocket for his trouble. I certainly rolled with the punches considering how late it was so no offense was taken as I'm sure none was implied. And thanks for the kind words and mentioning me by name on the podcast, Gabe. It certainly was a pleasure being around great company.


gabe said...

Glad you didn't mind! For what it's worth I think you probably have the fastest MCSa in Chicago ;-)

DanC said...

A title I most definitely enjoy too. Thanks.