My Ipod Nears Its End

I have had a 3rd generation 10 gig Ipod since Christmas of 2003 and it has been great. No problems with it malfunctioning or anything rendering it unusable. Lately, due to the cold I suspect, my ipod has been having a little trouble lasting the full length of my morning commute. I timed it this morning and it lasted only 39 minutes from a full charge until it died on me. My commute is about 45 minutes, so I need to have the Ipod charged a bit to make it without it running out of battery power.

Back in September, I filled out the Ipod settlement. It had been delayed with an appeal of some sort from other "objectors," but as of December 22nd that has been dismissed. Hopefully I can get my $50 towards getting a new Ipod sooner rather than later. Any donations for my personal "ipod replacement" fund will be accepted as well. :-)

Hope everyone has a great holiday.

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