R56 MCSa Faster Than Manual?

I was over at Motoringfun.com where Pedro linked up a roadfly.com video review that states the MCSa actually ran the 1/4 mile quicker than the manual. Very interesting. I imagine they forgot to press the sport button or something because it does seem hard to believe. The best time for a manual was 14.9s while the MCSa ran it in 14.77s.


Anonymous said...

It's all about driver skill ... a driver slow at gear changes could be beat by an auto.
It also depends on the tires - maybe one had 17" and one had less grippy 16"

On the other hand, I've always said how nice the MCSa is ;)

Unknown said...

I attended the first press wave and also participated in the drag-strip testing that is seen in this Roadfly (hard to even say the name) video. The reason that the MCSa was quicker than some drivers of the manual MCS comes down to the ability of the driver. This was magnified in this case by an unusually warm day and an inability to put down the power by many journalists who were driving the manual.

However it's worth noting that the difference between the MCSa and the MCS on the race track (same day same cars) was astounding. You can clearly hear the issues I had in the audio review I made while taking several of the cars out on the track.

DanC said...

I wonder if something like the size of the tires were specifically chosen to seemingly benefit the MCSa when compared to the manual.... It is agreed that a higher skilled driver would have produced a different outcome but the times are still amazingly close and suspicious. ;-)