Trip to Wisconsin

I decided to go on a little MINI adventure this weekend up to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. We designed a vacation home for a client and I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what I have drawn up in real life. This is probably the most contemporary house we have ever designed and it is coming along great. It is located in a secluded part of Door County right on Lake Michigan. The front of the house faces the lake for an awesome view. Not only is this going to be a nice place to relax, it is also going to be built with all the bells and whistles of environmentally friendly building materials. Overall a very cool house.

On the way back, we decided to swing buy Milwaukee for a quick photo opportunity with the Milwaukee Art Museum. This is probably the only building worth a second look in Milwaukee. No offense but its not the prettiest city, and they know it. A few years back they commissioned a world famous architect, Santiago Calatrava to help remedy that by designing an addition to there lakefront museum. I am not a huge fan of his work but I can appreciate his extraordinary effort towards the revitalization of Milwaukee. The building is a great place to see in action. The city in general is going through a major reworking of their expressway system so there was a ton of construction activity. Hopefully they will be more sensitive with making the lakefront a little more accessible for the public. They have such a great lake front and its a shame they don't use it to the fullest. Chicago is a great example of how to incorporate a big metro area with the benefits of a lake front.

After a long drive, what better thing to do in Wisconsin, than get a quick car and pet wash. What a combo! Although, I could consider my car as my pet, this seems to be a weird pair of activities yet oddly popular.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, interesting house, and I do believe that I saw my Katie in SEVERAL of the pictures you have posted. Oh... and I do believe that you have left the most important part of your trip out.... SCAVANGER HUNT?!

DanC said...

I shall admit to nothing! although we did find what we needed just in the nick of time. whew

Anonymous said...

Katie should be recieving a package in the mail that will prevent future mishaps from occuring. Rumor has it that she is coming to Murray, will you be joining her? I can't wait for you both to come back!!

DanC said...

No, I will not be joining her this time. :( But i'm sure you'll have fun catching up with kt. thanks for the package. kt said she opened it and it exploded all over the inside of her car. I hope she found them all, but i'm sure there's still a couple under her seat. ;)