MINI Wierdness

I decided to take MINI dee out for a spin this weekend since the weather called for dry yet cold conditions. And a couple of things happened.

First, the airbag light went on for some reason. But then after turning the engine off and restarting it, the light did not come back on. Perhaps it gets a little confused when sensing a passenger, while the passenger is still in the process of sitting.

Second, while using the key fob to unlock both doors, I saw both windows start to go down and the sun roof start to open. Turns out, after a brief time searching the forums for an explaination, its supposed to do that. I guess I held the unlock button down too long which activates the auto open feature. I never knew it was a standard feature before and now that I think about it, it would have come in handy during the summer. Oh well, I guess I get plenty of use from this feature when summer decides to come back. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... not sure about the airbag light. It comes on momentarily when you turn the ignition on but it should clear at once. I think I would have the airbag system checked. Yes, that key thing is direct heritage from BMW as is the parking light switching. You can also put the key in the driver's door, hold it in the lock position and the windows and roof will close.

DanC said...

I don't remember reading that in the manual. Closing the windows with the key is another cool feature I did not know about.

As for the airbag light, I think I will wait to see if it acts up again. It was probably just a fluke but if it goes on again, its straight to service. I hate going there, only to get strange looks when they can't find a problem.

Thanks again for the key trick. :-)

Anonymous said...

Intresting article on Motoringfile from a service advisor concerning the airbag issues. http://motoringfile.com/2006/03/02/ask-an-mini-service-advisor-answers/

Anonymous said...

hmmm... now another mention of air bag light issues.. well it looks like they have the answer.

Anonymous said...

sorry... forgot the link