Heated Side Mirrors

Now that its really cold around here, the heated side mirrors (and heated seats) are coming in really handy. I initially was a bit worried that I would not be able to tell if they actually worked since mini dee is kept in a heated garage. Also, I have curbed my winter driving since I don't think I could handle seeing mini dee so salty and dirty. I like to think she's hibernating for the winter.

Anyways, during Thanksgiving, I took her out for a spin, noticing the close to freezing temps, not to mention the little extra kick due to the cold weather. For those in warmer climates, the mini has an audible and visual warning of potential freezing temperatures. When the temperature reaches 36 or 38 degrees, if I remember correctly, there is a distinct ping sound. It's a little different than the usual seatbelt pings, but along those tones. In addtion to that, the temperature flashes in your OBC for a visual warning. If the mini is sitting in cold weather at the start, the warning sounds before the seatbelt pings, so it may go unnoticed. Mini dee usually starts out in a warm garage then after a little while outside, she tells me its cold.

So after a quick ride, I parked back in the garage and got out to feel the mirrors. The caps were frigid but the actual glass of the mirror was warm to the touch. It was very cool. There was no snow or ice for the mirrors to melt but it was nice to feel it working.

In addition to that, I finally folded my mirrors in. I had never done that before, and I must say, it was funny. It was like mini dee was wiggling her ears at me. It gave me a good chuckle. Big thumbs up from DanC.


Anonymous said...

That ding is actually the same sound made when the tire sensor comes on.

I finally got to hear mine today. Yes, it can get that cold in SoCal.

DanC said...

I lived in southern Texas, and it can get gold there too. But its a relative cold, anything below 70 is freezing to a Texan. I think last xmas or the xmas before, it snowed there, which is extremely rare.