MINI vs Mini

I always wondered why some people would capitalize the word MINI, while others would not. After a little searching, I could not find a definitive answer as to why MINI is different than Mini.

As far as I can tell, when someone writes about a MINI, they are talking about the new (2002-present) MINI, as opposed to the classic (pre-new design) Mini. I think it's fitting to capitalize the make of such a small car.

I'll be sure to be a little more careful from now on.... I guess mini dee will have to be renamed MINI dee. We'll see how long that lasts. Here is a brief history of Mini cortesy of Outmotoring.com. Enjoy.


Sean said...

Dan, I believe that BMW trademarked MINI specifically in all caps in a effort to separate New from classic.


DanC said...

I knew it was something more official, like a trademark. Thanks