RSS Feed Now Live

On this wonderful Thanksgiving day, dcmini has now gone live with its own RSS feed. Feel free to link us up and get live updates. Courtesy of feedburner

for both the RSS and non RSS capable:

And to all, have a great holiday.

UPDATE: I have deleted the previous link because it seems that was only for RSS Safari web browsers and would do funny things then clicked using a older version of Safari. Sorry about that. The other link should work fine, otherwise use what ever other method you like to access the live feeds. Foxfire has a nice way for the RSS feeds to display in the side bar.

p.s. Being a non work day, I've been busy clearing out my draft posts. In case you missed them here are the links:
Rubber Mats
New Mini Accessories


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the RSS feed! I have you logged in my NetNewsWire... very cool !


DanC said...

thanks, the whole RSS feed is still new to me but it seems to be a great time saver. I've started to rely on RSS feeds a bit more for all my mini related site updates