First Scheduled Service Maintenance

I can not stress enough how much of a difference a quick oil change and tire rotation does to the smoothness of the ride. This morning my MSCa was riding a bit rough, and the gear shift were a bit undecisive. The tire rotation probably took care of the rough ride but the oil change seems to make the shifting a whole lot smoother as well. With these two thing done at the same time, its like having a brand new car once again.I had this done back in april for the 1 year mark, but this time my service indicator was at -100 (my odometer read 11473 miles). Everything is running smoothly so far, no issues with the mods I had done with the MCSa. And my brakes are holding strong at 9mm (they change those out if they are less than 3mm)

While I waited I surfed the internet with the dealer's free wireless broadband connection and caught up on all my MINI related news and blogs. Great service from Patrick MINI once again. Thumbs Up.

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Anonymous said...

I had my oil changed last week (35k on the car, last changed at 25k) and things felt smoother, but I thought it was just my imagination.