dcmini now linked at MotoringFun.com

I was over at MotoringFun.com to check out the recent live interview with Fireball Tim and noticed that dcmini was linked up over at Pedro's site. Very cool and much appreciated!So I went to visit some other MINI blogs that I frequent and low and behold dcmini is linked on many other blogs as well. Thanks for to all for linkin' me up. Its greatly appreciated. And be sure to check out MotoringFun.com. Pedro does a great job at keeping things interesting over there as well as great chat room.

Here's an updated list of sites that have linked me up:
bushfinger [NEW]
MarksMINI.com [NEW]
MotoringFun.com [NEW]
paulr.us [NEW]
taylorsmith.biz [NEW]
MINI links [GoMotoring.com]

If you linked me on your blog/site, or know of a good one and would like it to be added to my list, just click be added and send me the link.

[UPDATE] With the recent redesign of GoMotoring.com, Mark was kind enough to add dcmini to the front page of live RSS feeds instead of the links page which no longer exists. Thanks Mark! and site looks great!


Anonymous said...

And now you're list on GoMotoring too :)

DanC said...

What a pleasant surprise when I scrolled down the GoMotoring page for my MINI updates. Looks like I'll have to proof read my posts more. ha ha.