R56 Interior: More Comments

So you either love it or hate it, right? Well, I don't love it, and I definitely don't hate it. But there is certainly a lot of features I like a lot with the new R56 MINI interior.

Good Ideas!:
I'm starting to really like the new steering wheel on the R56 MINI. Those accents on the silver trim pieces are very cool. The accents on the broad ellipse on the door are looking good too. It seems like there is a slight bevel which give it a chiseled look... Very cool.

If you look at the center speedo, you just might find another set of controls (mode, music and menu buttons) that resemble the MINI logo. That's what I'm talking about when designers ReCreate instead of ReUse a general theme. Extremely clever and not overly obvious. kudos to them.

I found out that chrome circle/button on the dash just below the air vent opposite the steering wheel is the glove compartment latch. Not to mention the start button and option to have the button functional without taking your key out of your pocket. Very trick!

There is a new feature where you can switch the illumination color (5 step range from blue to orange), very very cool! not to mention the door storage lighting, nice touch. The new door itself is probably my favorite, but I'm just not sure where the tweeter is yet or if there is one. It does look like there is another speaker in the door where the armrest terminates but that's too big, and tweeters are best located higher up on the door or dash.I also wonder if the steering wheel will telescope forward or not. There are some buttons below the turn stalk on the steering column but I cant really tell what those are for yet.

I am also digging the color options of the seats, dash and the door armrest. Us MINI owners love more options. thumbs up.

Not so good:
Not to beat a dead horse but I spotted some more of those silver rings that have invaded the new R56 MINI interior. We now have three more to add to the list. The two cup holders and the gear shift surround. These were concealed in the previous photos from MINI2.com I'm surprised there isn't a wheel option or tailpipe design that copies the silver rings concept to the exterior. Just kidding.
Also, the new headlight design, the "eyes" of the MINI seem to have "eyeliner" now. It must be a black rubber gasket or something between the bonnet and the actual headlights. And the amber turn signal is a bit odd. Its like the MINI has a little eye crusty. Again just kidding. ;-)

More high resolution images from seriouswheels.com


Anonymous said...

Dan: Great R56 comments - its still growing on me... I think the spedometer is HUGE! When I ordered my 05, I went for the chrono package that put the tachometer and speedometer behind the steering wheel and oil pressure, oil temp, water and gas in the center. I wonder if they will offer that as an option any more as they seem to be using the speedometer area for a lot more stuff. Time....will tell.

DanC said...

I considered the chrono pack when I specced out my MINI, but when I found out that the speed is also displayed on the digital read out on the tach, I welcomed the center speedo. I agree that the new speedo is rather large. It seems like it is about to engulf the air vents any second now. ;-)

Randy said...

The center stack is still in need of serious refinement. It seems seriously out of place in contrast to the rest of the interior.

The concentric circle thing really put me off at first but in the higher resolution images you referenced the interior surrounding it seems to have more depth than the current interior. In particular the upper dash. I also like how the outside vents pertrude.

All in all... still not my bag but I will wait until I can see it in person before completely writing it off.

MINIusa, please consider taking another look at the center stack.

Love your insight and thoughts - Dan. Keep it coming!


DanC said...

Thanks Randy.
It seems that most feel that the center stack looks "tacked on". I agree. Perhaps they will work on this a bit, but we'll see. Motoringfile has a post on R56 opinions. Its gotta be the longest comments section ever with each comment at least a few paragraphs!
MF:2007 MINI: Your Take
I guess we are quite opinionated ;-)

I'm dropping the circles thing. I just wish they would have had a bit more fun with it. it still looks good and chome would look cool too.

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