Some night shots of Mini Dee

Well I finally got to take the new camera out for a test spin for some night shots. Most were just experimental shots to test the functions and features of the camera so most I trashed on the spot. Being night shots, the challenge was to have the shutter speed be very slow to allow the limited light expose the picts. The problem was staying still for longer that a second and not having wall the picts come out blurry. Here are a couple of the better ones, using the full manual settings on the camera for the best output. I realized that the flash was not adequate to full light up the car so I usually just turned the flash off for all night shots and let the shutter stay open to get the right exposure.

In hind sight to control the light burst of the xenon headlights, I probably should have just had the daytime running lights on instead. The xenons seemed to be a little overpowering. I will try that next time. At the time these picts were shot, I was already pretty dark outside, so its surprising how bright the sky developed.

I hope to get some more general lighting conditions a little later


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