Just bought my first digital camera!

In an effort to hopefully maintain this blog on a semi regular basis, I have went ahead and bought my very first didgital camera. This Kodak dx7440 should prove a useful little camera to take picts with. I'm no expert but for the price it will serve its need quite well. So far, having taken just one picture, I would say that it is extremely easy to use and with my mac it is very easy to download. I will certainly express any opinions of the general use after i get a few more miles out of it.

And I have been meaning to take my own picts of Mini Dee for the longest time now. The one previously posted here was a pict my girlfriend took that i had to ask for. Here's to many more oppertunities for take more picts... but i should read through the manual first to make the most of it.



raw food diet dude said...

I like this blog - what is the name of the template you used? Thanks. From a free forex training info site.

DanC said...

well i cant tell if your a genuine commenter or just some comment spam, (I have since updated the word verification for posting comments) but I will say the template name is 'Snapshot' or 'Snapshot Sable'