And That's Why I Just Don't Bother

Sometimes internet commenters are just plain mean on Motoringfile. Some just take it too far thinking they can hide from being responsible and just lash out at other people. I used to love reading comments on Motoringfile four or five years ago because they were actually useful, entertaining, and/or smart. Now, just as on the forums over at NAM, it just is not fun anymore.

I will say that for some, comments/forums are still entertaining and useful at times. NAM is a great resource as is Motoringfile if you don't mind the occasional irrelevant comment. I just don't like wasting my time with this baby stuff by participating in comments or forum posts. That's why I reinforce Motoringfile's position and say, we ARE better than this.

Keep it positive people. Happy motoring!


AZ Events said...

Here here!


dbwilldo said...

I commented with the wrong google account. Apologies for that.