VW Bug Spoiler

I snapped a shot of this Vdub with a pretty cool automatic spoiler. As I drove along the side of this, the spoiler would pop up at about 45mph and retract back as it slowed to about 15mph. I've seen this before on the Crossfire and other cars but I never knew it was on the bug too.

There's some really ugly VW bug spoilers out there but this one isn't all that bad. Now whether it actually does anything is a different question. I'm sure it's mostly for show. As a side note, the iPhone really does some trippy things with fast moving objects. Take a look at those wheels... weird! :-)

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Scott Cooper said...

That's a Turbo S Beetle. They added that moving spoiler at 45mph instead of 90mph that the older models had in 2002 on the turboed models. It's kind of a look at me kind of thing, its not really needed until 90mph. It's really loud when it closes and scares people riding in the car that have never heard it before, kind of like something has fallen off the car. I had a Turbo S before my Cooper S, I loved that tranny and engine but the handling was mush. I always stop and look when I see a Turbo S.