30,000th mile

I hit the 30k mark over the weekend! And my fourth year of ownership is just around the corner too. If you click on the image you can even see exactly where it happened with the embedded geotagging info displayed to the right.

The MINI is still running strong, although I hate to think I am feeling an itch for a new one. We'll see. That Clubman is looking better and better every time I look at it. We even stopped by the dealer to ask some questions and wet our lips. FYI, the 2.9% financing MINI is offering only applies to those who take delivery now. Who knows when that offer will end so even if we were to order one, by the time it were to get here, it might not be offered.


RB said...

7,500 miles a year???? Is that possible???? I walk more than that a year.. ;-)

Ah the Clubman, gotta say if I could I dump the '04 MCS and get one for TwistyBitz so I could haul my stuff to events in a little more comfort.

DanC said...

It's possible when you share the remainder of the miles with a daily driver. That what I would like to replace with a Clubman. But that's just me thinking out loud. Who knows what will end up happening. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm still thrilled with my 02 (about 57K I think), and no interest in anything else at this point.