Better Milage than a MINI? Surprised?

I don't think so. Seriously, there's a bunch of things that are misleading with this commercial. First off, they are comparing the hybrid model Escalade to a non hybrid MINI. If a hybrid model MINI existed it would certainly blow them out of the water.

Then they are comparing it to a MCSa convertible, which of all the models has the worst gas milage rating. MINI often advertises their best rating which is 37hwy/28city, almost double what they are advertising. I understand they are trying to make a point by juxtaposing their hybrid with the MINI and not necessarily saying by this Escalade instead. I couldn't imagine someone being in the market for these two polar opposites.

What's really funny is that GM/Cadallac then proceeds to tell you the price of the non hybrid model instead of what they just showed in the same commercial. I have seen this done in numerous advertisements from GM where they show you one model and tell you the price of something different. I wish they would be proud enough to just say the price of what they are showing instead of pulling a bait and switch. This all seems to be a desperate plea from a company that still has not done enough to adjust to the changing market. They need to get their act together pronto!


RB said...

Pretty sad how low our automakers have sunk. I will say Ford has been doing a better job than the other two and wished they would bring the Focus RS from europe to the USA. The Ford Mondeo is consistently car of the year and a best seller in Europe and the Focus does very well over there also. The Ford delivery van has and still is the company vehicle all others in that class strive to be.

But is there a USA Ford or any of the other US choices I'd trade my MCS for... NOPE! Maybe the RS if they brought it here and it was a better car that my Aerostar was. Owned it one painful year.

Then we have the Flex???? WTF is that? Has anyone bought this uglyass thing?

As far as comparing a Escalade to a MINI... Now this just shows you how lame GM is. No one looking at an Escalade would even be considering a MINI, even a Clubman.

One more note on Euro cars... People over there seem to think their cars are so kool ha, some of them are as big a dawgs as ours and uglyass as well. I have a daughter who lives in Holland and I see some real, real dogs when I visit.

DanC said...

It's always hard to believe that they do not bring over their successful cars to the US market. It would seem like a no brainer to consolidate their resources and sell more quality cars. I very much like the Ford Mondeo and the RS also.

I do not think the Ford Flex is that bad. In fact when I first saw it in the wild, I though I saw a Clubman that was scaled up. I appreciate it's clean lines and it does remind me of a larger MINI, albeit too large for my taste. It still has a ways to go to get better.

As these automakers rethink their approach, I hope they do not lose sight of what really matters, producing quality products that people want.

RB said...

As far as the Flex goes... as you say it's not that bad but this is the car that's going to save Ford, as they have stated, I don't think so. How many have you actually seen on the road? I think it looks like a extended "older persons" Scion thing. Wouldn't even consider it.