4th of July Parade 2008

Plenty of fireworks to go around this year. CMMC once again was invited to join the 4th of July parade, this year in Oak Lawn. There was a great crowd with plenty of young ones darting for the candy what we were encouraged to toss at the crowds. In fact the kids were treated to a load of free hot wheels cars that Cathy and Gary tossed out. The kids went nuts for those! Below are my picts from the event. You can check out everyone else's picts here. I had a wonderful time again and look forward to raiding the clearance items to add to my decorations for next year. Good times!


Anonymous said...

Gotta say, you always get the "best dressed" MINI award in my book..

Very fun day. Glad you came out!!

DanC said...

Thanks Steve. Much appreciated. Your Uncle Sam was really cool. Nice touch!