Dragon Road Trip

I got the car packed and ready to go. By tomorrow evening I should be rolling through the Dragon with a few hundred other MINI enthusiasts. Should be a blast.
I drove the MINI to work this morning and my tire pressure monitor went on. No signs of a flat so far but it got me freaking out since I do not have the run flats anymore. I think my umbrella pressed the monitor button which triggered the light but if anything it was a great reminder to get some tire sealants for the long road ahead.


Anonymous said...

Good plan Dan. I carry a sealant and a small compressor, just in case.
Oh... and have a great trip to the Dragon.

DanC said...

Thanks. I just bought some tire sealant. And I allready have the air compressor stored in the boot. So I am all set and ready to go. Dragon here I come!

RB said...

Well how was the dragon experience? I probably will never make it from SoCal.

DanC said...

It was a ton of fun. I couldn't recommend it enough. I should be posting up a recap as soon as I can find the time.

RB said...

I too carry sealant and a Griot's mini pump. Run Flats are just too hard for this old guy.

Someday you should come to CA and do the 101 from Hearst Castle to Monterey and give me a comparison.
It's 94 miles of mind boggling, heart pumping, crap your pants fun.

I did it during MTTS. I followed a Ford GT and a M3. Kept up with the M3 but the GT was long gone about 40 miles up. We hit speeds of 105 at some points. My radar detecotr never went off but I think we were just luck as it's usually pretty closely covered by the CHP.

I'm adding your blog to my blogroll after my next post. Hope that's OK.

DanC said...

101 is a great road. I drove it a while ago, in a rented lancer, which was ok. Though I'd have to say the dragon has one up on that road. ;-)

RB said...

"Though I'd have to say the dragon has one up on that road."

That would be?