Ouch! Curb Rash

Well, it finally happened. After being so careful thus far, the one time I wasn't paying 100% attention, a darn curb jumped out of nowhere. :-( I am contemplating fixing this one myself but it might be more trouble than its worth. Here is a DIY to fix a scratched wheel that I have been studying, but I might just live with it for now.


Mark said...

You might want to put some wax on it if your just going to leave it. Not sure if that will help it but I've heard that it can rust once damaged. Don't know how valid that statement is though.

DanC said...

Thanks. I definitely have a good coat of wax over that area. I contacted fixrim.com but they have a flat rate of $129 no matter how damaged the wheel is. I think is a bit high considering the extent of my damage. Maybe I will shop around to see if someone can fix it at a reasonable price.

J/C said...

That happened to one of my 5-stars. I just left it 'cause I knew I was going to change wheels.

Good luck in getting it repaired.

DanC said...

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