Ipods Officially Announced

As mentioned yesterday, apple did release a video capable ipod. Along with a new version of iTunes to support the new sales of video downloads. And on the back burner was a new version of the popular iMac with a cool remote and media features.

It seems that it takes on the form of the nano a bit but is just smaller than the 4th generation ipod. I still am a big fan of my 3rd gen ipod with the touch wheel and four touch buttons on the top. I did not like that you have to press relatively firmly to activate the button features of the new scroll wheel.

But nonetheless, it is still very cool. So it seems that this will be the end of the griffin itrip as currently sold. Just like the nano, there is no power source for the fm transmitter to draw its power from. It seems that apple will be strongly pushing OEM solutions for ipod integration rather than the cheap itrip way for listening to your ipod in your car. Either way I have the AUX input in my mini so this will not affect her but I do use my itrip very often in my other car and at home.


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